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Heritage Hall Bartending and Service Policies:

All alcoholic beverages must be served by one of our licensed bartenders.​

OPEN BAR (Client provides alcohol for guest free of charge): $35/hour* per bartender. 


CASH BAR (Heritage Event Spaces provides and sells alcohol): $500 licensing and setup fee + $35/hour* per bartender. We must have at least 30 days notice for cash bars to accommodate proper licensing laws.

PER PERSON BAR (Heritage Events Spaces supplies the alcohol and all supplies for a 4 hour bar, additional hours can be purchased for $500 an hour. 100 person minimum) 


$18 for a Beer & Wine bar (Domestic, Boulevard Wheat, Boulevard Pale Ale, 1 Red and 1 White wine) 


$22 for Call Bar (Beer & Wine package + Titos, Seagrams, Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels)


$26 for Premium Bar ( Beer & Wine package + Grey Goose, Makers Mark or Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire). 

Bartenders are required to arrive one half hour prior to event start and stay one half hour after bar closes at the cost to the client.

Recommended number of bartenders: 1 for under 100, 2 for 101 to 250, 3 for 251 to 300 and 4 for more than 300 guests. 

As a reminder, for OPEN BAR, you will need to provide all cups, napkins, stirs, garnishes.

*There is an additional fee of $15/hour per bartender for events taking place on holidays and holiday weekends. 


Bartenders will put out tip jars. If no tip jar is preferred, than a gratuity of $150 per bartender will be added to the final invoice.

-Customer may not, under ANY circumstances, sell their own alcohol, regardless of 501(C)3 status, or any other circumstances.

-Heritage Hall requests that all alcohol brought in by client that needs to be chilled for event be placed in coolers as early as possible. This is the responsibility of the client.

-Bartenders will prepare all necessary cocktail items, garnishes and stock items.

-Bartenders will provide the following: Wine key, bottle openers and clean/pressed attire.

-Client agrees that all remaining alcohol is to be removed from the venue by the customer. Any alcohol left after the event will be disposed of.

-Client who hire Heritage Hall for cash bars, will incur a $500 licensing and permit fee in addition to the hourly bartending fee.

-Client agree that it is not the responsibility of the bartenders to clean or wash glassware that may be provided by the customer. If glassware is brought in for use at the event, it is recommended that clear plastic cups be provided to be used for back up.

-Client agrees that the minimum hours for a bartender(s) is 4 hours.

-Client agrees that it is the bartender’s discretion to refuse service to guests who cannot provide proper identification or appear intoxicated.

-Client agrees to refrain, and to assist guests in refraining from providing alcohol to minors.

-Client agrees to refrain from allowing guests to consume alcohol that is NOT served by Heritage Hall bartenders.

-Client agrees that no alcohol shall be permitted outdoors.

-Client agrees that Heritage Hall bartenders may stop service at any time, for any length of time, if we deem it unacceptable to continue serving guests. If this occurs a refund will not be issued.

-Client agrees that Heritage Hall reserves the right to request any guest(s) be removed from the premises who can not or refuses to follow the guidelines mentioned, or not mentioned in this agreement.

-Client agrees that Heritage Hall can not be held liable for the actions of the customer or any guest on or off any premises that Heritage Hall is contracted to service.

-Heritage Hall, does not provide any of the items for an OPEN BAR event: cups, napkins, straws, garnishes.

- Events taking place on National Holidays including, but not limited to these holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, will incur a $15 per hour rate increase. This policy may apply to holiday weekend dates. Please email for details.

-All bartending fees will be due to Heritage Hall at the final planning meeting. At this point, monies paid are non-refundable.

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