Plexpod Westport Commons

300 E 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111 (map)


Plexpod Westport Commons will feature three unique event spaces, all under on roof. This beautiful historic building was built in 1923 and was recently renovated. It will feature multiple venues in its 160,000 square foot space. Both venues off different styles and sizes with something for everyone. The Medallion Theater has a maximum capacity of 250. The 1923 Room has a maximum capacity or 300. Renters are free to use their own caterers and bring in their own alcohol but will need to hire bartenders through our preferred bartending company. There is plenty of parking and is completely accessible for people with disabilities.

We welcome your inquiry and look forward to working with you to create an event that will be uniquely yours and unforgettably special.

Plexpod Westport Commons Gallery

Plexpod Westport Commons Rates

Event Packages includes 66 inch round tables, 6 foot rectangular tables, chairs, high top tables and floor length linens available in black or white. This package includes an all day rental from 10 am until midnight. When you arrive the day of your event the room will be set-up with the linens on the tables ready for you your event. We take care of all teardown and cleanup.

Rates for the Medallion Theater:

Saturday Package

$5500 (May - October)
$4800 (November - April)

Friday & Sunday Package

$4500 (May - October)
$3800 (November - April)

Monday - Thursday Package

$3500 (All Year with the exception of Holiday events. Call for pricing)

Rates for the 1923 Room:

Saturday Package

$3800 (May - October)
$3200 (November - April)

Friday & Sunday Package

$2800 (May - October)
$2200 (November - April)

Monday - Thursday Package

$2200 (All Year with the exception of Holiday events. Call for pricing)

** New Year's Eve, Memorial Day and Labor Day are priced as a Saturday event **

Want an all Inclusive package that includes food, alcohol and entertainment. Just let us know, we will be happy to put a package together for you.

Custom Quoted Packages

If there is less than 3 months and the day of your event is still open on our calendar, we will give you a custom quote for that day. Please contact us with event details (hours needed, number of guests, details of AV equipment needed. If you will need food or alcohol) and we will put together a custom quote for your event.

Payment Schedule for a wedding receptions: Half of rental fee is due at time of signing. The second half of rental fee is due 6 months before event on the first of that month. If there are 6 months or less before your event, then a different payment schedule can be arranged.

Payment Schedule for custom quoted events: Half of rental is due at time of signing. The second half of rental fee is due 30 days before event.

(Certain events may be eligible for special discounted rental fees such as recurring weekly or monthly rentals.)

Holiday events do not fall under normal rental fees. Call for pricing.

Plexpod Westport Commons Availability

Plexpod Westport Commons Floorplan

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Plexpod Westport Commons Parking

Plexpod Westport Commons Parking

Plexpod Westport Commons Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. All Renters must sign a contract agreeing to the following conditions. The contract shall serve as a binding agreement between the Renter and HERITAGE EVENT SPACE. Confirmation of the Renter's reservation for use of HERITAGE EVENT SPACE is dependent upon receipt of first half of hall fee accompanied by a contract which has been signed by the responsible person(s) and initialed terms & conditions page that verify these terms have been read, understood and agreed to.
  2. Wedding Reception rental of HERITAGE EVENT SPACE is assigned on the basis of Renters possession from 10am to 12 midnight. HERITAGE EVENT SPACE may allow earlier entrance under special circumstances. Strict adherence to hall maximum capacity limits is required. Forms of payment accepted: Check, Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover (3% added if using a credit card)
  3. If the terms of the rental agreement are not followed, the credit card on file will be used to cover the cost of additional clean-up, repair for damages or replacement of items rented from the hall. To the extent that it is not adequate, the excess will be paid by the Renter. Smoking is not allowed in Plexpod Westport Commons; please see that this rule is strictly followed.
  4. HERITAGE EVENT SPACE is not responsible for any item rented from outside sources or personal property that is lost, damaged, or stolen on the premises.
  5. Cancellation of any event: Cancellation of event for date contracted will result in the forfeit of any/all monies paid to HERITAGE EVENT SPACE
  6. The Renter shall instruct the caterer to provide all personnel, food, drinks, tableware and extra furniture & linens as needed. All deliveries must be coordinated with the venue management. Personnel for setting up, taking down and storage of out-of-house rental equipment shall be provided by the Renter. The Renter and the caterer shall have access to HERITAGE EVENT SPACE at 10am, the day of the event, unless previously approved by the hall manager.
  7. Decorations must be pre-approved; no decorations will be permitted that could permanently damage the venue. Unless prior permission is granted, all materials and equipment must be removed from the venue immediately after the function. Any cost of repairing damage or of replacing lost equipment attributed to the caterers or out-of-house rental services will be billed to the Renter. Rice, confetti, glitter, real rose petals bird seed are not allowed. Candles (white only, no tapered) are allowed as long as the candles are in a glass vase.
  8. If there will be alcohol served at an event: Renters will be able to bring in their own alcohol, but must contract a bartender through HERITAGE EVENT SPACE while alcohol is being served. No alcohol will be served after 11:15 pm. Renters assume all responsibility for the actions of their guests or attendees and any damages or nuisances caused thereby. Renter agrees that under no circumstances will alcohol be served to anyone under the age of 21. Renter will remove from the premises any person in attendance at the event that is deemed to be a nuisance or problem, and if tenant does not remove said person or persons, HERITAGE EVENT SPACE reserves the right to call the police and have said person or persons officially removed. HERITAGE EVENT SPACE or its owners or parent company will not be held responsible or liable by any party for any situation resulting from the serving or consumption of alcohol at any event.
  9. In the event of the employment of an attorney by HERITAGE EVENT SPACE because of the violation by Renter of any term or condition of this Rental Agreement, Renter shall pay such attorney's fees and other costs of expenses incurred by Landlord in connection herewith.